Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The American Right: Defenders of the Revolution

For far too long we have allowed the MSM and other so-called moderate groups in this country to define the political definitions of extremist both left and right and those definitions fly in the face of common sense and long established historical markers. It is time to set the record straight.
The American conservative is NOT an extremist, but rather the defender of the status quo. The defender of principles laid down by the founders in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He is the modern day patriot who champions the values of the common man. He is often portrayed by those on the left as a radical extremist when nothing could be farther from the truth, for it is they who are the extremists. They are the ones seeking to overturn the principles of the first American patriots. It is they who are unpatriotic, because they are the ones fighting against the ideals of the early patriots.

Many say that all Americans are patriotic, but that is not true and has never been true. Just as there were many Americans who opposed the first patriots, there are many that oppose today's patriots and these unpatriotic Americans are found on the American left. The left in this country is seeking to overturn the American Revolution and therefore they can be rightly called counter-revolutionaries. They will a times, when challenged, wrap themselves in the flag and claim to be great patriots. This is a lie and goes against their very goal----the overturning of the Constitution as written.

There are times when I wear the badge of extremist proudly, such as on those occasions when
the term is hurled by those on the American left, but when the term is used by those supposedly in the main stream I recoil, for I know it is not I who is the extremist; but rather those who seek to radically change this country by overturning the principles laid down in the Constitution. True, the early patriots were extremist, but when the revolution was over and the victory won these patriots became the defenders of the new status quo. Today's patriots follow their lead by continuing to defend their hard fought gains and those who oppose today's patriots are the unpatriotic forces on the American left. And it is these people who seek to re-write or destroy the Constitution and when dealing with them there can be no retreat and certainly no compromise.
by Ron Russell

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